How to choose japanese akita in our kennel? 

How much for a puppy?

Before you send us request for a puppy, please think which type and quality of akita you would like to have. Full information about available puppies  you can find on our web page or Facebook page. 

You can make first stage of selection by the pictures of puppies and parents we post, then contact us and ask for video, or show a puppy online.

PLEASE NOTE: the quality of puppy is written in description. Our kennel is interested in satisfied customers, so we try to help our customer in finding correct puppy, what is really needed and give as full info, as possible about his future color, how promising the puppy is, how big will be, the character and behavior. 

     It is very important and serious question. Each puppy has it's own different price, because of some influencing factors, like:

- quality and show potential,

- age, 

- parents, 

- pedigree (you need FCI pedigree or FCI+AKIHO),

- color,

- how long the puppy must stay in a kennel. 

             Pet quality price is 50% of regular price

      Making reservation for upcoming litter you get guarantee of best correlation between price and quality and sure bigger choose. 

   You can always define the your budget you are ready to spend on the puppy and let us know, so we can prepare for you best preposition. 

    Junior dogs, or show trained puppies in age 4-9 months will be more expensive because of work we put in them and health tests with show results. 

    Sure you can meet good promotions in our kennel from time to time. Our people, with who we are cooperating get the best prices and good bonuses.

Shipping and export paperwork

Our kennel prepare all documentation for shipping.

We cooperate also with many shipping companies in Poland and in Russia.

Main directions as USA or Vietnam, Thailand we are able offered since 550 euro. 

Always paperwork fee and crate for shipping is included in price of dog.

In EU dog are able to travel at the age of 3 months and 21 days.

Outside EU dog must have 3 months 30 days and for some directions must have also antibodies tests for rabies. 

FOR USA: puppy must have minimum 8 weeks and recipient must fill  aplication for a permit to import.

Aplication You can find here: and send by email to CDC. 
Mostly it takes around 5 minutes to fill, an the answer from CDC is in about 1h.

How to check the puppy? 

Buying steps 

Pedigree for my puppy

Profesional kennel sales puppies only with pedigree or puppy card.

Puppy card is valid only in country of orgin where puppy were born.

Puppy card let You got Export Pedigree from Kennel Club of FCI. 

If you have puppy card You can apply for Export pedigree. 

At my kennel puppies are sale only with Pedigree.

Time of awaiting for pedigree depend from Kennel Club.

It can takie from 1 week (express export pedigree), up to 4 months. 

If I buy adult or junior dog

Mostly for adult dogs are looking proffesional breeders. Because then can see if dog has all that everything whan person is looking for into the dog.

If You want buy Junior dog? Its also good way to have Your own friend for a life time. You can see then if dog is perspective or not. Its depend if Youre looking for a friend or breeding dog. 

What is most importat:
If You're looking for Junior or Adult dog. you need to know that dog already has is temperament or character shaped. Sometimes can be difficoult to change dog for Your own way. Thats why Adult or Junior dogs are recommended for proffesional breeders and owners. 

Why personal trip to kennel is the best one?

The best for future owner of the Akita Inu is to came personal to the kennel.Then you will be able to speak with breeder personal and check living conditions by Yourself. Its the best way. Always. 

But if You're living far away its really difficoult. Then You need check opinion about kennel, dog show results of the puppies born in kennel. 

Check rating.  Try to speak with owner of the kennel as soon as possible. 

Also You can ask for video of the kennel and living condition of dogs. 

How I can send the amount for dog? (Payment)

We accepted payment in few ways:

1. Bank account money transfer

2. PayPal money transfer

3. MoneyGram

4. Western Union