Ginsai Shouryuu Go Soukisou

HD"A"; eyes clear 2016

Ginsai joined our family in junior age, our first brindle Japanese Import male.
In the time we imported him, brindle color was not the most popular one. It was the time for ''red Hachiko". We  fall in love in his color and body structure. He has the most beautiful movement from all our akitas.
He was trained in Japan to run with the bicycle, so he can make 5km  in one  time and not be  tired, so he is all the time in great condition.
From the time he came, he changed himself a lot. Now he is very sensitive and lovely boy. Started to love the shows and long walks in the city.
About his stud career, I think he is universal dog. Gives perfect white, blue, silver and dark brindle  puppies. After him pups also get good body structure, great movement and perfect health condition. After him many Champions grow up, and it is not the end of his great career.
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