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UPDATE 09.05.2019 Last female available from winter litter "K"

Kagome Go
brindle female available for sale
Sire: Ginsai Shouryuu Go Soukisou
Dam: Kae Go Okayama Sugimotosou
pedigree: http://www.akitapedigree.com//testmating.php?dam=90193&sire=77796

contact: akita-ken.webs.com
mobile, whatsApp, Viber: +4878409982

Update: new pictures of puppies from litter "N" 
info about litter and available puppies, please click here.

Update: new pictures of our babies from litter "I" 
info about litter and available puppies, please click here.

Debut of our beloved boy Fukumaru Go Hakufumy 

XXI National Dog Show Dobre Miasto 2019 (CAC)

1st place and Youth Winner

It's a begining of new Journey with Shiba Inu breed 

Our new baby is a Black & Tan shiba female Caramel Cookie Del Templo Amatsu Kami imported from Spain

29 April 2019 - New kennels for our beloved 4paws 
designed and build by Bartosz Gałka & Bogusia Wasiak (US)

In December we begin prepare land for new doggy pleace for our beloved Akitas.
fance and first kennel is done. It's just begin for our all new SAKURA NO SONO a little Japan in the middle of Europe. Cross fingers if we will finish it till end of Summer 2019.

Summer 2019 breeding plans

We planing litter of S'Kotarou Go Pa-Lis & Emiko Hikari 

June 2019 FCI LITTER
HD-A, EYES Clear Elbow 0/0


We planing litter of Taihsou Go Shikoku Mori & Awashima Go Oosaka Aiseijuku
HD-A, Eyes clear Elbows 0/0


Video of available puppies

Red "male 2" from litter "N"

Brindle female from litter "N" available 

Brindle male 4 from litter "I" available 

White Queen! available female 3 from litter N

red male 1 from litter "I"

LItter "I" 

Jamie Lynn born at 21 of March, 8 puppies!!! 4 males & 4 females

Congratulations Jamie !!!

Mrriage of S'Kotarou & Jamie Lynn a great daughter of Ginsai Shouryuu Go Soukisou - our first male imported from Japan. 

Litter i 2019 S'Kotarou Go Pa-Lis & Jamie Lynn Go Sakura No Sono


At 25 of March, S'Kotarou became a father again! Mum became Chiemi Go Sakura No Sono.

from previous mating of this coupe were born European Puppy Winner and Hope of Europe 2018!

Litter N 2019 (repeating ofr EDS PUPPY WINNER 2018)

We have puppies from Litter K, I & N 
world wide delivery (more usefull info in "how to buy" section)
check here

TOp 10 UKC ranking
Dog Breeders in Europe


Markowo 21c
14-300 Morag


+48 784099823
+48 512962177


Mon-Fri: 24h
Sat: 24h
Sun: 24h


Sakura No Sono Akita Japońska

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Sakura No Sono

We've loved every minute of our journey

Our story

In 2010 We save about 5 akitas from backyard breeder and in that way we meet Japanese Akita. 
During 2010 we found for those babies new homes and loving families. When all dogs went from Us we felt huge emptiness, At the begin of 2011 we decide get 2 Japanese akitas from breeders in Poland. Because akita change our life!, We own thier preservation and carry!
My name is Bartosz and my partner is Bogusia. We bought a house and big space for our beloved breed, our daughter Anna can't wait to be " a big girl" and show our akitas at exhibitions. 
Till now We've relased from our home about 50 champions in 47 countires around the world. 
From far east to LA in California. Akitas are whole our life. We can't imagine life without our 4paws friends. We trying keep contact with all our akitas owners. Thanks of that we are rich in many many friends all around the world. In past We also breed Kishu Ken wiht excellent results as class winners at WDS'14,'15 but we decide to focus on Japanese Akitas. Our babies won class at WDS 2017, EDS 2016, EDS 2018 with title European Puppy Winner 2018 and subtitle Hope of Europe. We will continue our hard work with this amazing breed during next decades. Because this is our love! 
Thank You 
Bartosz & Bogusia 
At our site You can find information about actual litters, our beloved dogs, a lot of info about Japanese Akita breed. You can find pictures of our beloved JA in Gallery section. About future breeding plans in section Breeding plans. In section contact You can google Us and find our mobiles and email address. You're alwyas Welcome visit our place on earth Sakura No Sono. 

Soon Update: 
  • Show results;
  • We start with our blog! since May 2019
  • Update information about our dogs: pedigrees, results, health tests.